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Your successful business partner Ovenmaru



Ovenmaru’s franchise support system is among the best offering franchise education, product research and development, branch development and distribution, and design based on years of experience in restaurant business. 




We guarantee not only guidelines for reception of food materials and preservation, skills for food preparation, management method of cooking equipment but also management and supervision procedure of sanitation, which is the most important part of store management. 


Management and supply chain 

We are currently providing education and training program by dispatching R&D team and Purchase team so that you can lower the cost of food materials and maintain good quality by cooking locally and we support you so that you can boost your sales continuously through regular marketing activities. 


Branch development 

To select the best location, we send a real-estate specialist to recommend you the most optimal place in each country and each region and provide you with the knowhow. 


Design and interior 

Ovenmaru reflects on the market environment of the investor’s country or region to the fullest extent and provide information about the design and interior knowhow.